7 Amazing Benefits of Moringa Seed Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About

Moringa seeds
Moringa seeds

Moringa seed comes from the miracle plant called Moringa Oleifera.  It is an exceptional plant whose seeds have benefited its users for centuries.

I will like to show you 7 health benefits you probably don’t know about Moringa seed.

1.  Moringa seed, because of its high protein content which is about 7 times the protein  in youghurt, will help sick people recover faster as it helps to build lost weight fast.

2.  Its Vit. C content is almost the same as orange.  If you ask me that means you can naturally get your vitamin C rather than in tablets although tablets have its advantages too.  With vitamin C you better equipped to combat cold and flu.  Your chance to fight infections also increase.

3.  Moringa seed has vitamin A content that is 10 times that found in carrot.  Vitamin A helps shield your eyes against the diseases and defects of the eyes, skin, heart and gastrointestinal tract.

With Moringa seeds, your body’s vitamin A needs are taken care of.

4. Moringa seeds has 17 times he calcium in milk. You know what calcium does for your body?  Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth.

It helps women who have reached menopause handle bone defects better

5.  If you think that the potassium in Banana is high, you might need to know how much potassium this ‘miracle seed’ has!  It has a whooping amount that is 15 times that of banana.

Potassium is essential for proper functioning of your nerves and brain. Time would fail me to list other benefits of potassium which include regular and healthy heart working.

High potassium intakes are associated with 20% decreased risk of dying from all causes including stroke.

The World Health Organisation suggests that potassium intake of 3510mg daily is beneficial but most of the world’s population is not meeting this suggestion.

6.  Another amazing benefits about moringa seed is the fact that its iron content is 25 times that of spinach.  Iron is necessary to make and as you already know, blood is life.

Children whose mothers didn’t take enough iron while pregnant are at risk of autism according to research. Therefore it is particularly important for pregnant women to consume moringa seeds as a natural source of Iron.

7.  Moringa seeds has 12 times the vitamin E of Almonds.

According to a study, lackk of vitamin E can lead to brain damamge.  Therefore vit. E is needed for brain protection.  Aged people whose neuronal function tends to be lower that other age groups do benefit from moringa seeds.

Does it Work?

The above benefits are just some of the vast benefits Moringa seeds have. Its therapeutic effects applies to all your body’s systems. If your doctor never told you about them, don’t you worry. Now you know about it. It is  never too late to start enjoying the benefits of Moringa seeds.

But you may want to ask me if Moringa seeds actually work and if it will work for you.  That is a good question.  I will like to tell you that Moringa seeds has the benefits as claimed. Whether you are considering conceiving or you want general health and vitality; whether you are just recovering from a sickness or you are of age, you surely going to like Moringa seed.

How to Take Moringa Seed?

Four seeds can be chewed with or without fluids daily.

In conclusion, take advantage of untold benefits of moringa seeds and remain fit. Remember your health is your wealth.

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