Prostate Health: Saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto in Mantee Springs State Park

This is one of the medicinal plants whose fruits have been proven to have an overall prostate health ability.

The seeds are formulated in form of tablets and sold as supplements.


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  1. My name is jay,24years old…since febuary i hvae been having a series of symptoms….started with urinating frequently did test they said staph….were put on drrugs and injection gentamicin injection and levoflaxin drugs with blood tonic……not that it stop the urinating…was not even discharching or feelin itching…..after the injection i have a whole load of pressure/tightness/heaviness on my chest dat comes with frequent belching more dan 20times everyday since dat time…doctors said its peptic ulcer gave me all serious of drugs and antiobiotics notin……i just did test of h.pylori with blood it was positive…..pls help,….d urinating is still dr,pressure and belching….my main concern and now constantly belching…nid medicinal or supplement cure pls


Thanks So Much.

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